Issue 59 | April-June 2019

Jennifer Barber and Leslie McGrath in conversation plus Cynthia Cruz, Valerie Duff, Mary Meriam, Suzanne Brøgger, Lisa Mullenneaux, and more

The Scandalous Confessions of a Lesbian Formalist Poet

I am saying that you must be a poet, because you are asking so many questions.

Two translated essays by Suzanne Brøgger

“Happiness is losing something” and “Who needs witches?” translated by Michael Goldman.

Consider the Octopus: On Brenda Shaughnessy

What better symbol for the middle aged woman—for the middle aged woman writer?

Juntas and Housewives: Three Books from Brazil

Brazil’s “ghosts” refuse to stay buried in these three novels.

Infinite Metabolism: Lispector’s Consumptions

And what if we are, I am, you are that marginalized person? When I erase myself, what do I become?

Traces in Rituals: On Kiriti Sengupta

The famed Kolkata poet seeks coherence in the chaos we call reality.

Conversations: Jennifer Barber and Leslie McGrath

The “something else” might be close to the original intention, but never exactly it.

The Poetry of Julio César Aguilar

Poet, translator, editor, director of poetry projects, and professor at Baylor University in Waco, Texas, Julio César Aguilar was born in Ciudad Guzmán, Mexico, in 1970. He is the author…

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