404: Identity Not Found

In sixty-seven brief lyric fragments, Elisa Gabbert explores the dynamics of shifting interiority through myriad identities, stitched together with a complex of themes and textual echoes.

Musica Ex Machinae

In an era when drone strikes allow national violence to be outsourced to machines, Jamaal May’s poems show that the surface similarities between people and machines reveal fundamental differences.

Out of Body: Reading Gender Through “Women’s Fiction”

Former classics scholar Rob Hardy explores the ways that his life as a stay-at-home father has changed the way he reads fiction.

Someday You’ll Love Roger Reeves

This is a country running from itself, manipulating voices into what it wants to hear, placing its faith in a half-hope and trying its best to ignore the ugly and gruesome parts of life.

Reboot: Landscape: New England

Alexandria Peary embraces the uncertain, the impossible, and the synesthetic, as she acknowledges equally that human beings are drawn to make order.


404: Identity Not Found

In March 2008, a month shy of his forty-fifth birthday, the critic and poet Reginald Shepherd was battling an aggressive form of colon cancer. The disease had already metastisized to…


Out of Body: Reading Gender Through “Women’s Fiction”

It was a book my two boys wanted me to read to them over and over again: the story of how Mike Mulligan and his steam shovel, Mary Ann, dug…


Someday You’ll Love Roger Reeves

Shortly after the New Year, the Poetry Society of America shared the responses of Black poets to the question, “What’s African American about African American Poetry?” in its ongoing “Yet…


Musica Ex Machinae

An incidental byproduct of machinery, music muttered under the breath, the sound of human voices and the human heart: Hum, the title of Jamaal May’s debut poetry collection, is also…


Reboot: Landscape: New England

Alexandria Peary’s Control Bird Alt Delete is her third book of poetry and winner of the 2013 Iowa Poetry Prize. It is a collection that plays with the idea of…


In Which The Critical Flame Dedicates One Year to Women Writers and Writers of Color

Women writers and writers of color are underserved and undervalued by the contemporary literary community. The phenomenon has been well documented by critics such as Roxane Gay and Ruth Franklin, and by…


A Feminist Ontology of Ooziness: On Kim Hyesoon

Kim Hyesoon’s 132-page translated collection All the Garbage of the World, Unite! contains a poetry that is not built on metaphysical or metaphoric associations. An object, image, or process does…


His Blues to Be Somebody: Charlie Parker’s Early Years

Every superhero needs a suitable origin story, and great jazz musicians are no exception. In Kansas City Lightning: The Rise and Times of Charlie Parker, the acclaimed cultural critic Stanley…


The Poetics of Gender Resistance

The passion for setting people right is in itself an afflictive disease. Distaste which takes no credit to itself is best. These concluding lines from Marianne Moore’s “Snakes, Mongooses, Snake-Charmers,…

Reality, Out of Focus: August Kleinzahler’s The Hotel Oneira

“Our little life / is rounded with a sleep,” Shakespeare writes in The Tempest, and August Kleinzahler’s The Hotel Oneira sketches a similar view of existence. Reality comes in and out…