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From the Editors: the Motherhood Issue

We’re trying to think back to the origins of A. Bradstreet: We remember that I was working in the Poetry Room at Harvard. That I came by to drop off…

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Imagining Mothering (excerpt)

1. A friend says motherhood is like living with your heart outside your body. This is more like science fiction than it seems at first, I decide days after we’ve…

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blk/wooomen revolution: Orbiting Sonia Sanchez, Alice Walker and Elizabeth Alexander

When PBS begins airing the documentary BaddDDD [i] about the life of Sonia Sanchez, it is the middle of the semester, my sixth wedding anniversary is just coming or going, my…

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“The Lyric Self is the Political Weapon”: Solmaz Sharif’s Look

Part of being an exile, a nomad, is that the most significant moments in your life pass by in places where you have no memories and no past. —Shirin Ebadi…

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Rejection is Seductive: Elisa Gabbert’s L’Heure Bleue

Elisa Gabbert’s unique gift is the ability to resurrect the cliché, which she does by reformulating common sense as a question and then attaching the well-worn sentiment to the unworn…

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Sounding Zurita

Raúl Zurita and Anna Deeny read together beginning at 30 min. Music, poetry, and performance moored my childhood. I was trained as a classical pianist and worked for some time…


Disruption and Openings: Ian Ganassi’s Mean Numbers

Before I knew him as a poet, I knew Ian Ganassi as the percussionist who accompanied my parents’ dance classes: the sound of Ian’s drumming is inextricable from the sound…


Greater Boston Writers Resist

Jan 16, 2017  |  Hundreds of Greater Boston residents convened at the Boston Public Library yesterday for a demonstration of shared commitment to the rights and values essential to a democracy….


The Secret History of our Enemies: Balaban’s Translations of Vietnamese Poetry

Decades ago, when I first read All Quiet on the Western Front, I copied this sentence into my journal: “A word of command has made these silent figures our enemies;…


Women Writing in 21st Century Brazil: Experimentation and Narratives of Self

There were days when Dita hid all the papers (Ruth Ducaso/Luciany Aparecida).   Brief considerations on writing by contemporary women authors I start this essay with the opening words of…

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