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Conversations: E. C. Osondu and William Pierce

E. C. Osondu In 2006, after the publication of his first two stories, E. C. Osondu came to Boston to read for AGNI, the magazine I edit with Sven Birkerts….

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Two Dozen Dancers: Representing a Masterpiece

The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, sets its Little Dancer Aged Fourteen at the end of the second-floor hallway above its Fenway entrance. With her Egyptian-god stance and silk tutu…

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The Mastery of Absences: China Miéville’s This Census-Taker

If texts with narrative plots and wholesome structures are read and written according to disciplines and procedures conforming to their configurations, then perforated structures, degenerate formations, and plot holes must…

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With Each Breath: A Memoir of Survival

Code blue in room 241. The announcement is made in an unhurried, neutral tone. Code blue in room 241. I push my food away, jump up, heave open the heavy…

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Eucharist: Dimitris Lyacos’s “With the People from the Bridge”

“A Couple and Two Children Sleeping on a London Bridge” by Gustave Dore Dimitris Lyacos’s long, tripartite poem, Poena Damni, is one of the most important and challenging literary works…