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Preface to Lissa Wolsak

1. It Must Be Abstract Lissa Wolsak is a major American poet, living in Vancouver; Squeezed Light is a comprehensive gathering of her published work, which includes seven poem-sequences, a…

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Baroque-Ass Poet: Adam Fitzgerald’s Debut

“The fate of a writer is strange,” writes Borges. “He begins his career by being a baroque writer, pompously baroque, and after many years, he might attain if the stars…


Why We Read: Spells by Annie Finch

Let’s talk about Beck, shall we? The artist’s last record was nothing of the sort. As in, it wasn’t recorded at all. Song Reader was released only as sheet music….


The Storm before the Storm: Jane Miller’s Thunderbird

In her written work as well as her commentary, Jane Miller regards the past as a truth that demands to be told. Her view echoes, in some respects, Faulkner’s famous…