Love Behind Locked Doors: Phyllis Bottome in the Age of Trump

In January 1933, German President von Hindenburg offered the position of Chancellor to Adolf Hitler after his Nazi Party captured a majority of seats in the German Reichstag. In the…

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“The Lyric Self is the Political Weapon”: Solmaz Sharif’s Look

Part of being an exile, a nomad, is that the most significant moments in your life pass by in places where you have no memories and no past. —Shirin Ebadi…

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Rejection is Seductive: Elisa Gabbert’s L’Heure Bleue

Elisa Gabbert’s unique gift is the ability to resurrect the cliché, which she does by reformulating common sense as a question and then attaching the well-worn sentiment to the unworn…

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Sounding Zurita

Raúl Zurita and Anna Deeny read together beginning at 30 min. Music, poetry, and performance moored my childhood. I was trained as a classical pianist and worked for some time…


The Revolt of the Perfume Recordist

She embodies an unknowable politics by deepening the shadows in places, tarrying with the anarchy of impersonal memory. Her autonomy undoes itself and disperses into a devotedly plural materiality. Her…


Disruption and Openings: Ian Ganassi’s Mean Numbers

Before I knew him as a poet, I knew Ian Ganassi as the percussionist who accompanied my parents’ dance classes: the sound of Ian’s drumming is inextricable from the sound…

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A Tale of Two Poets: Aridjis and Tranströmer

This is the tale of an intercontinental friendship between two poets, one from a land where the sun sometimes shines at midnight, the other from a country where centuries ago…


Greater Boston Writers Resist

Jan 16, 2017  |  Hundreds of Greater Boston residents convened at the Boston Public Library yesterday for a demonstration of shared commitment to the rights and values essential to a democracy….

Conversations: Chloe Aridjis and Chloe Garcia Roberts

I am a fanatic believer in the serendipity ­­­of found books.  A few years ago, while working in the Woodberry Poetry Room at Harvard, I was straightening up before heading…


Loving Kristeva: a Memoir

Media images of Philipe Sollers have portrayed him as a womanizer, and the multiple self-images he has created in his writing since the 1983 novel Femmes confirmed casual readers of his fiction…

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