Aaron Shurin’s Citizen

Citizen marks Aaron Shurin’s return to the prose poem after fifteen years. His previous verse collection, Involuntary Lyrics, was a re-warping of the woof (as Robert Duncan would put it)…

My Two Worlds
by Sergia Chejfec
translated by
$12.95, Softcover
Open Letter Books, 2011

Toward the Indestructible: Sergio Chejfec

  Lovers of prose in these image-dominated times have no greater ally than W.G. Sebald. His four books demonstrate that long works of prose—whether they’re called a “long essay,” a…

Vegan Foie Gras (A How-to)

The book is dying. The publishing industry is in decline. Or so we’re told by countless newspaper and magazine articles. Yet a glance at the bestseller lists makes one wonder:…


Give Me the Key

Now in his 80th year, Geoffrey Hill has followed the Yeats template for the septuagenarian poet: though he could easily rest his reputation on his work of thirty or even…

Severance Songs
by Joshua Corey
Softcover, $16.95
Tupelo Press, 2011

The Angel and the Ass

Our word sonnet comes from the Italian sonetto — little song — but what we generally mean by the term is a fourteen-line poem governed by fixed patterns of rhyme…


With William Dean Howells to Florence

For the modern traveler, the road often leads to Florence. From a cruise ship moored in Livorno, it’s possible to inspect the Duomo, buy some souvenirs on the Ponte Vecchio,…

New Impressions of Africa
by Raymond Roussel
Hardcover, $24.95
Princeton, 2011

Skin-Deep: Raymond Roussel’s New Impressions of Africa

Let me begin with a story from my own experience, one that came to mind when I read Raymond Roussel’s New Impressions of Africa. A group of young poets, mostly…

Guns at the Staff Meeting

Set in 2002, James Warner’s debut novel All Her Father’s Guns is foremost a satire of today’s post-capitalist society, particularly two of its central (seemingly discreet) institutions: academia and corporations….

Meeting the Body in the Body of Language: Notes on Character in Carver, Stein, and Holland

To Introduce “My friend Mel McGinnis was talking. Mel McGinnis is a cardiologist, and sometimes that gives him the right.” —Raymond Carver, “What We Talk About When We Talk About Love”…


All That Remains: On the Fiction of John Hawkes

In a recent interview, Ben Marcus resisted being called an “experimental writer,” asking rather impatiently, “Does anyone self-identify as experimental? Anyone?” Apparently Marcus is not much aware of his predecessor,…

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