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To contact The Critical Flame with editorial queries, letters to the editor, or questions about advertising, please email: info {at} criticalflame {dot} org . If you are a publisher — large or small — who would like to send us a catalog or a title for review, email us for a shipping address.

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Submissions guidelines

The Critical Flame is now accepting book review and critical essay submissions on fiction, verse, and non-fiction titles. There is no explicit length requirements or limits, we only ask that essays be a reasonable length for their topic, and that an article’s length never exceed its coherence. We have no requirements or quotas for positive or negative reviews — but essays that acknowledge both the flaws and virtues existent in all titles will be given preference over essays whose content are merely laudatory or simply vitriol. Although we seek learned and well-researched essays, please remember that The Critical Flame is not an academic publication and the audience for us, always, is the intelligent reading public. There seems to be a gap today between academic circles and public culture, a certain incongruity of expectation. This disjunction is not an impasse, but a challenge to our imaginations, and one we gladly take up. We hope you'll undertake this project with us.

If you have an idea for a review or essay, but are unsure whether it is appropriate for The Critical Flame, the editors welcome you to send us an email query. We are also happy to contact publishers on behalf of our reviewers.

We look forward to hearing from you —

The Editors